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10 Latest Web Hosting Company Reviews 2017

Compare, read and review web hosting companies. www.000webhost.com is a Free Web Hosting provider, and this is a directory of other web hosting companies that you should consider or avoid! Webmasters & service users can compare or write webhosting reviews about almost every free and paid web host. Our review directory is one of the biggest on web, with 100% true service user comments.

Review of media3.net by anonymous on 2017/05/22 at 18:32
They are the absolute worst web hosting company. Stay away. They sell you a bill of goods and tell you they will do everything to maintain and support your site. They do none of it. We get repeated time outs. They put us on an old unpatched server even though they promised otherwise. They take a day if you are lucky to fix something. We cannot wait to move to a more professional hosting company.
Review of 0catch.com by Emerson on 2017/05/21 at 14:29
0Catch has been dead for a few weeks now and Google spiders are so efficient now my domain name no longer appears on a search. Great!
Review of squarebrothers.com by JAI SARAVANAN on 2017/05/16 at 09:15
Really wost sevice ,promising many things wen purchasing ,after purchasing it telling that there are many restriction to ur plan .
Review of squarebrothers.com by JAI SARAVANAN on 2017/05/16 at 08:47
Really very bad hosting i have ever see.The way of treating by supporting team before purchacing is good .After purchasing support team treated in very bad manner
Review of mysite.com by Maddalena Martinengp on 2017/05/12 at 11:39
The worst customer service ever.
It is over 6 months that my web site is not accessible and not visible. They told me I have to click on a verification code that they would send via telephone message, but I never received it and never receive it. At the same time my subscription and payment for it is getting consumed, so I have been paying for no service. I have asked them to then reimburse me for all this time with no service, but they always ignore my request replying to other things but not that. I still cannot access my web site and the website is not visible. So I do not know what I am paying for. The worst ever. Stay far, far, far away ! Trust me.. All fine until things are fine, but as soon as there will be a hickup in their system, they will do nothing to assist you or in all cases they are useless in assisting. Stay far away !
Review of negox.com by Pablo Ruata on 2017/05/11 at 03:46
Negox was perfect for me. Really fast connecting to the databases, very good performance the 24 hours everyday, no cuts or delays or anything like that, just perfect. Hope this company keeps on growing.
Review of technobd.com by zohrakeya on 2017/05/08 at 11:15
best hosting service provider in bd.I appreciate their customer support and dedicated afford they provide. Carry on technobd.
Review of 50webs.com by Cedric on 2017/05/08 at 05:19
Free but, control panel page is down, can't edit my website. but i can access it. this site needs more uptime.
Review of netnation.com by Rajdeep Singh on 2017/05/07 at 07:34
Very pathetic service, never ever buy from netnation.
Review of woothosting.com by Bacterias on 2017/05/06 at 21:49
Stay away from woothosting, Server57 is unstable, over sold all accounts put it on the same server. I have requested the migration of my account to a new stable server and they refuse to do so. Yesterday and today the server is offline.
Do not buy, repeat do not buy any service, stay away from them
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