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Designer-made website templates

Every single one of our templates is hand-built by professional designers. They’re optimized for mobile, best SEO practises, as well as current design trends. Choose a template that fits your personality or business today.

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Designer-made website templates
Fully customizable templates

Fully customizable

You can change anything and everything using free Zyro builder, from fonts and colours, to text and images. Simply drag & drop elements and they will snap right into place. Stunning website - here you come.

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It’s exactly right

No design chops? No worries. Zyro’s grid tool will make sure that every element on your page is aligned just right. The final result -- a website that’s not just pixel-perfect, but functional too.

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Zyro’s grid tool
A little help from AI

A little help from AI

If staring at a blank page fills you with dread, we’ve got your back. Our AI Writer tool will write all of the website copy for you, about any topic at all. Sounds too good to be true? Give it a go.

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Millions of free images

There are image libraries out there, but none are as vast as Unsplash. You’ll get access to over 1 million free images when you create a website with Zyro. The only thing to worry about now? Choice paralysis.

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Millions of free images
Mobile first and mobile fast
Social Media

We’re mobile first and mobile fast

Encourage your free website visitors to like and share information about you, your products or services via most popular social media websites like Facebook or Twitter. Use our free website builder to add any social button to your website. Everything is possible only with free website builder.

Appear in search

Appear in search

You can become a top-of-mind brand or person by climbing the Google search engine rankings. How? By having an SEO-optimized website built by Zyro. Easily edit page titles, descriptions and keywords to make sure more people see your website.

Stand out for all the right reasons

An awesome brand needs a custom domain -- you can get that with Zyro. Use the domain finder to track down that perfect URL and we’ll get you an SSL certificate for free.

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Stand out for all the right reasons
\Need something extra?

Need something extra?

Zyro has a whole bunch of additional features to get you started and keep you going. Generate a slogan, make a logo to brand your business and track your user behaviour with the AI Heatmap.

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We’ve got your back

When we say 24/7 help, we mean it. If you’re running into technical issues or have a question about Zyro, you’ll be able to speak to a dedicated support assistant anytime. No chat bot guarantee.

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