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freehostia was founded in 2005 and is now 14 years in business. is focused on providing paid hosting service, but tehy also have single free hosting plan, that includes 250 MB space, 5 GB bandwidth and has support for MySQL databases. However, it includes only one database and it can not exceed 10 MB in size. Well, it should be enough for hosting small website with very little content. While registration form is fast to complete, activation email may take up to 30 minutes to arrive to inbox, so don't expect instant account activation here. But we don't think that longer than expected activation time will move you away from this company. Their free plan is really nice, and server speed is just perfect (we had no slowdown during whole test period), all the features (like PHP, FTP, etc.) work well and no ads are placed on your pages. So if don't need lots of space for MySQL database, may be a wise choice. And this is a copy of their activation email: Welcome to FreeHostia. We are one of the fastest growing free hosting providers and there is an understandable reason for this. We have one of the fastest servers, a fully featured free hosting plan with no forced ads and low-cost paid hosting plans with great features. For less than a year, we won more than 200 000 users over. You will have the chance to see for yourself that we provide a bullet-proof quality service. We will be very happy if you spread the word by putting a link or a small banner on your ------------------------------------------------- This email contains important data about your web hosting account for ------------------------------------------------- Access the Control Panel here: Client ID: xxx Login: xxx Password: xxx ------------------------------------------------- Your website will be accessible here: IMPORTANT!!! Please change the DNS of your domain to the following and allow 24-48 hours for the DNS update: ------------------------------------------------- EMAIL information: To create emails please login to the Control Panel and click 'E-mail Manager'. POP3 server: SMTP server: If use the FREE hosting plan, than you can't use our SMTP server. If you use any of the paid plans - the SMTP server is IMPORTANT - the SMTP server requires login and password. In Outlook select 'My server requires authentication'. In other email clients this option has a different name. ------------------------------------------------- FTP information: FTP Host: Login: xxx Password: xxx

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Free Hostia: domain hosting and web hosting service

Website description is a specialized service, which provides professional web hosting and free domain hosting.

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